I was nice this morning. I announced when the Man left to pass gas, but only for a moment, and after that I curled up on the bed and waited for the Woman to wake up. She was half an hour late with my Stinky Goodness this morning, but so grateful that I let her sleep that she fed me before doing anything else. It totally screwed her up, I think, because she forgot to make the bed after she got dressed. Normally that would upset me, but there was a nice flat place right in the middle for me to nap in today, and I could even get under the blankets. So now when she goes to bed tonight, there will be a nice later of fur on the sheets to help keep her warm.

She'll complain that it's getting up her nose and in her mouth, but deep down I know she'll be happy because it will just mean more warmth.

Today she's been saying bad words to the computer, but I don't think she's mad at me at all, because I got some crunchy treats this afternoon. But I tell you what, whoever Uncle Sam is, he better watch out because she's mightily pissed off at him. I think she dislikes him as much as she seems to hate this guy Bill who sends her a lot of snail mail.

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