While most of the time being me is awesome, sometimes it bites. Like this morning, the people upstairs made a loud noise that woke the Woman up, and you know what she said? Do you???

"Oh Max, what did you do now?"


It wasn't me. And as soon as I meowed at her from the same freaking bed, she realized that. And she decided someone was breaking into the house. So while she got up, I crawled under the blankets to keep the mattress warm for her. Because I'm nice that way. Besides, I didn't want to see the possible end result of her stupidity. I mean, come on. Someone's maybe breaking into the house and she stumbles out there in pajama pants and a t-shirt, half asleep with her boobs flopping all over the place, to defend her turf. Yeah. That'll have a good outcome.

She finally realized it was the people upstairs. Then she decided to go back to bed. Well, by then I was hungry. But would she get up and feed me? No! She didn't go back to sleep--she turned the TV on instead--but she still made me wait!

Then. Then! She put this music on and she tried to sing with it! Oh holy Pope gnawing on a popsicle stick...she should never do this! First, she doesn't know all the words so she makes things up. Second, she can't hold a freaking tune anyway. But still she sings!

I jumped in her lap and put my paw over her mouth, but she thought that was funny and sang even more.


Later on, when I was curled up in the office chair, she decided if she didn't get online right then she was going to die, so she moved me from the chair to my bed. What the heck? She has a laptop, she could have used that elsewhere.

I swear, she doesn't appreciate me.
I think I'm going to bit her later.
If she starts singing again, I really will.

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