I did it.
I killed the squirt bottle thingy this morning.

The Woman didn't want to get up and give me my Stinky Goodness, so she picked up the squirt bottle and pointed it at me so Id run away. And I did, I jumped off the bed and ran. But while she was feeling smug and superior I circled the bed and jumped up quietly, then stalked the bottle sneakily, and before she could turn it and aim, I pounced and knocked it to the floor.

It was dead, I'm sure of it.

I must have been dead, because she finally got up and gave me my Stinky Goodness. She grumbled and I think she said some bad words, but up she got, and dead the bottle remains on the bedroom floor.

If I could get it into the bathroom, I'd bury it in my box.

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