Last week the Man moved my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower (full picture here, 'cause I'm adorable) from the Woman's office (where it was just no fun, even with the bookcases to walk on) to the living room, where it's a lot more fun. I can get a running start and zoom around it, and the People are more apt to play with me now that it's in there.

But look closer.
Above my head.

It's one of those warm air blowing things! At the old place they were on the floor, so when it was cold I spent a lot of time sleeping by them. But here, they did a kitty no good because they were up so high, and that made me mightily upset.

But now I can reach one! So if the Woman doesn't turn on that thing that looks like a fan but really isn't (let's face it, People can be selfish about that sort of thing,) I can go stand on my Supreme Commander Kitty Tower and warm up.

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