I sense bad things happening. Really bad things. Like MOVING bad things.

Today while I was minding my own business, stretched out on the big bed (um, okay, I was licking myself, but I HAD to) the Woman came in and she started pulling stuff off the big comfy chair. And then she took it out of the room.

I'm not stupid, I stayed put. there was no way I was leaving the room, just in case she decided to move me, too.

But later I had to go out, because I was hungry and my crunchy food is in the kitchen. And after I ate, I wandered into the living room, and holy cow! Everything was in a different place!

Last time she moved things around, it ended with the 4 day ride in the plastic tomb. And I refuse to do that again.

I just don't like the looks of things. Something is up, and no one consulted me on what I think about it. I think we should leave things well enough alone!

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