I own them.
I totally own them.

Early this morning (the Woman said it was the middle of the night, but that's because she's just lazy) I really missed my water thingy, so I sat there and called out for someone to come fix it. And later on, when it was time to get the Woman up, I kept asking again and again, "Will you fix my water thingy? Will you? Please?"

And I sat there and stared at it.

She said it was broken, there was no fixing it. I was mighty upset, let me tell you, so I kept insisting. "The Man can fix it. Tell the Man to fix it."

Well now. You know what they did?

They went out and got me a brand new water thingy!

Oh yeah.
We know who's in charge around here.
Some days, it's so good to be me.

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