I did not see this one coming.

The Man did not get up at 4:30 this morning as he usually does. When that happens it is my JOB to make sure he wakes up in time to go out into the world to pass gas. And I have to let the Woman know, too, so that she can wake up and be sure that he's up. I do it nicely; I sing at the top of my little lungs, hitting notes that only dogs and pissed off humans can hear.

Since the Man was banished to the Other Room last night for Multiple Snoring Violations, I had to do my singing while walking up and down the hall, so that both the People could hear.And I know they both heard because the Man got up for 6.2 seconds, and then the Woman got up.

You know what she did?

She picked me up, took me into the bedroom and shut the door. I was locked in there, the Man had gone back to bed and was surely already asleep, and she was going to let him!

Well. I showed them.

I curled up on the bed with the Woman and went to sleep. If they don't appreciate the lengths I go to to make sure the Man gets out the door in the morning, then I'll just snooze. Let's see how they like that.

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