The Woman is trying to figure out what got into me this morning, but the real issue is what got into her?

I fully intended to let her sleep in this morning, but as I sat there on the bed, waiting patiently (even though my tummy was growling awfully hard) I smelled something. It was that wonderful odor of something deeply disgusting. Something I have to investigate.

So yeah, I did it again.
Only this time, I really did it.

I jammed my nose up one of her nostrils as far as I could, and sniffed hard.

It was wonderful, really, but the Woman was not impressed at all. She shared no thrill in my aromatic wanderings. Her eyes snapped open and she muttered something about Jesus and my copulatory lack of sanity, but I don't think she was really mad.

But judging from that smell, whatever it is, it definitely got into her, not me.
Whatever it is, I think it died in there.

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