OK, this is just wrong.

The Woman has been eating my crunchy treats. I'm not kidding! I caught her! She denies it and says they are not kitty crunchy treats, they are People crunchy treats called M and M's but I'm not stupid and I'm not blind. She got them from the same part of the kitchen where my crunchy treats are kept, and they're in the same kind of bag. Oh, she's been getting them out of a GIANT bag, but it looks the same, and it closes the same.

She's eating my crunchy treats!

Do I get any?

Noooooo... I get "You just had dinner, Max" or "You've had enough today, Max" or "Cat, we gave you steak tonight, you don't need treats."

Well she had steak, too, and she got some of my treats.
I want my freaking crunchy treats.
I am so going to bite her when she's asleep.

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