Wow, being nice to the Woman really pays off. Today she came home with this big pillow and said it was for me, a new cushion for my bed. She seemed quite proud of it because it was "only $5" (like I needed to know that...make me feel special why don't you and say it was very, very expensive?) and said it would be more comfy than the old cushion.

Well now. Let me tell you...the outside of the pillow feels like the inside of a soft sweatshirt. She put it in the bed basket and then put my special fuzzy pad on top like always, but I had to see how it felt so I climbed right under that pad and curled up. It's like clothes out of the dryer, and no one will get mad if I get my fur all over it!

If I'm nice to her every day, I could wind up with a house full of fun stuff, just for me!

Edit to add: Picture!

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