You take an all day nap and see what happens...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/28/2014 03:10:00 PM

Ok, so the day before yesterday I took a long nap in the closet, because that's one of my favorite places to hang out, especially with the noisy people here, and when I got up they were gone and we had a floor in the kitchen.

I had to inspect it, of course
The Woman says it's not done because it needs grout, but this is still an improvement over the bare cement that was left when they took away the old floor. She also says I'm not allowed to dribble my food on it. Phfft. Though I suppose that's more polite than what one of the noisy guys said...he told her not to let me pee on it.

Dood. I have a litter box. I have no need to pee in the kitchen.

Yesterday I took another nap, then got pulled out of the closet because the Man needed to take a pre-work nap and apparently he can't do that with me in the closet. Don't ask me why, I don't know. It's not like he wanted to sleep in the closet.

So I hung out with the Woman in the other room for a few hours, and when the noisy guy left, we had these:

Cabinets! They're not all done, though. Most of them are up, but there are still a few to go, and the People think that the noisy guy who installed them is going to have to move one because there's not enough room for the stove. And then there might be issues with the fridge. But they're pretty sure it will all be sorted out in the end. At least no one is worried yet.

Buddah and I had to explore a lot, which made the Woman go get a bunch of towels to cover things up because she doesn't want any scratches before the kitchen is even done, and there's a gap between one of them and the wall where Buddah could get caught, so they blocked that off, too.

I don't really like having to stay in the back of the house all day, even if it's what I usually do, but coming out every evening is pretty exciting because things are changing almost every day (not today...noisy guy wanted to come today but the Man said no because he really needs some quiet sleep after passing gas all night. Plus, Buddah and I needed a break from being locked up) and I don't mind change if it happens right here, and I don't have to get put through the M-word.

We don't have to get locked up tomorrow, either, but the day after that we do...I'll just sleep through it and then see what else is new. Maybe the cabinets will all be done and the Woman will get that grout she apparently covets. I hope so, because I kind of want to know what the heck that is.

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Angel brandi told me your new kitchen is taking a lot less time than ours did. And is bigger.
I never heard of grout either.

My human thinks the kitchen is starting to look really awesome! Even if one of the guys doing it insulted you.

Oh, Max, the new kitchen is so pretty. I think grout is some sort of cement stuff that keeps things from slipping. Like tiles and stuff. Though why that should be in the kitchen is anyone's guess. The noisy guy sure doesn't know about cats, what he said was super insulting. DOGs are the ones who might go to the bathroom on floors.

Well, we do have ta say yer tiled floor looks a lot better than the cement. And the new cabinets are impressive!!! Are you allowed ta explore in them?

Da kitchen are startin to look good. But ya know what really makes kitchens look good?? Bacon!

Grout. Grout grout.. sounds like trout!! Maybe it's fish!!!

How rude of the noisy guy! The kitchen is looking good though.

Hay Mr Max! We hopes your kitchen is fixed soon so you get back to regular noms and all that stuff real soon. Our the Mom says to tell your Woman and your gas-passin Man that the kitchen is looking really pretty; I think our the Mom is jealous!

Spunky, Buddy, Honey and Toby the Brat. And the Mom, too.

Our mom bean thinks your kitchen looks pawsome! We hopes it is finished soon so you don't have to hang up in another part of the house...unless you want too Max!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku