Posted by Max | Posted on 6/18/2014 01:33:00 PM

The kitchen is gone. Well, the stuff that was in the kitchen is in the front room, but all the pieces and parts are gone. There was a lot of noise yesterday, and when it stopped the People let us come out from the back of the house, and it was all gone. They're not upset, so I figure this is one of their things, so I explored and then asked for dinner.

Buddah. on the other hand, is not sure it's just one of their things, and he's not very happy. He wants to snoopervise the noise makers, but no one will let him come out from the back of the house to get the job done.

He gets points for wanting to help, I think.

Today is just as noisy as yesterday, but after breakfast I went to sleep in the closet like I usually do so it's not bothering me much. The Woman actually said to me when I came out to ask for treats for us both (me and Buddah, not me and the Woman. I mean, she could have some if she wanted but I don't think she cares for them) that I was being "pretty chill about the whole thing."

Well, people do stupid things all the time. I'm used to it.

Besides, I want to see the end result. There's always an end result. Sometimes, it's even worth it...

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Bet it's going to look grrreat when it's finish :)
Mean while snooze well in da closet !

As long as you keep getting your meals, it's not really that big a deal, is it?

Maybe The Woman will give you a real Twinkie when it's all done, not one of those hideous blue one =^.^=

You tell her Max!

As long as da food are comin, who cares?

As long as you get the food, who cares what it looks like!

They didn't only take your stuffs, but your floor too! Yikes! Hope you good stinky goodness and fresh dead stuff to make up for it...that's what we would want!

Dip & Dot

I think real live fresh dead shrimp is in order, to apologize for the inconvenience.

OMC! They took everything! Thank Cod they didn't take your food.

They might need snoopervision. Looks like you people gave everything away. But if the food are still there, well, yeah, just chill. No panic....yet.

Way to go, Max. You deserve all kinds of treats and fresh dead meat since you're cool with everything. If Buddah is bothered about the tearing down and wants to help there will be plenty of chances to do it when stuff starts coming in. The appliances and cabinets and other stuff will need his suggestions about where to put things. So maybe she'll ask both of you. Hope so. Both of you have great ideas.

Max, HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! I am so happy that you are healthy, happy, and still teaching humans how to be good feline servants! You go,Max! Keep breathing for a very long time in good health.xoxoxoxo

Oh man, when we had our destruction in was all in the dungeon. But we couldn't get there for over a week.

Whoa, Max, is Mighty Kitty right? You have a birthday tomorrow? Well, happy happy and it looks like the new kitchen will be a really neat gift. Even if your birthday isn't tomorrow it's a good gift anyway. Bet your Avaderm will taste even better than it already does in a brand new kitchen. Speaking of food have you seen the commercial for the Wellness food you like? It was on tonight and you got thought of. The star of that as even looks like you mostly.

We hope ya find the being what stole yer kitchen!

Happy. Birthday Max! How is the remodeling going?

I do not normally go to the library tomorrow, so, I will wish you a Happy Happy Birthday now (with many more to come)!

Love ya,

Happy Birthday Max and many, many, many moooooreee!
Your TX furiend,

well as long as meal times remain on schedule..