Do you see this?

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/11/2014 08:17:00 PM

Do you?

This is the start of the hallway.

The Man put up a screen door at the start of the hallway.

The last time this happened, we got Buddah.

I don't know what the frak we're getting now, but it apparently involves the door, moving crap out of the kitchen into the front room, and I heard the people talking about setting up another water fountain in the Junk Room.

I have a bad feeling.

A bad, it's gonna be furry feeling.

I better start holding it in, because this all seems like it will be poop-on-a-pillow worthy.

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Well, Max, it *is* adopt a shelter cat month.

Make sure they understand it is not adopt any sort of a dog month.

Mommy says kudos to the peeps for thinking of the screen door.

We say it may be poop on the pillow after you shred it, worthy.

Oh dear. That would bother me too. What's going on?!

Maybe that DD Butters is coming to stay? Bad as that might be, at least it would not be a permanent intrusion.

Hmm...if that Damned Dog Butters is coming, then why are all the kitchen thingies in the front room? UNLESS HE'S GOING TO LIVE IN THE CUPBOARDS! Dang, my FOOD is in there!!!

All the kitchen thingies are in the living room? Oh, then I think you're GOLDEN Max--it's not a new kitty to "love" (heh heh--as if!) it's people coming to remodel the kitchen. They'll go away eventually. I bet I'm right, Pal.

I'm wif Spitty, maybe it are a remodelin.

Yes, I think Spitty nailed it (sorry) and it's the "r" word - remodel. This will include lots of the "c" word, not *that* "c" word - construction, which is bad but won't last forever. It will only seem like it.

Remodeling is no picnic, but it's WAY better than a new roommate!

Uh oh.

Luf, Us

The woman said a couple of months ago on her blog that she was going to get the kitchen redone. So that's probably it. Too bad the people fixing things up will be making a lot of noise, there really should be such a thing as quiet construction so you and Buddah won't be scare-shedding.

Oh, dear. We hope it is simply a remodel job--the noise and bother of a remodel (we've had it here--a new kitchen) is much better than a new brother or sister! That ends, more kitties don't!

we like the screen door idea, but dude - this doesn't seem good

WE are not sure which is worse! strangers in the house making noise and mess or a new furry to chase!

Humans! They are a sneaky lot!
Good luck dood :/
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Man, we hate when the humans start messing with our house.

Max, the woman is getting her new kitchen and they are trying to keep you and Buddah in a separate safe area so that the work can get done without a kitty being hurt. I think that the man and the woman are happy with just you and Buddah so no new furries. Be cool and know that the new kitchen means fooooood!

Oh crappies, is there another kittie in your life now?

Mes prefers yack in the shoes...But poop on the pillow would be purrfect!

Oh oh, whatever it is, it's probably going to be noisy!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

oh noes.. I hope you get extra treats out of this..