Posted by Max | Posted on 6/04/2014 08:07:00 PM

You know what today apparently was?

It was Hug Your Cat Day.

Do you know how much running away I had to do to get away from the Woman's arms extended in a zombie let-me-love-you intent to crush?


I am so glad this day is just about over. I need a nap. And a Twinkie. Hell, if she'd given me a Twinkie, I might have let her hug me.

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MOL - she shoulda just given you a twinkie!

I bet Buddah would have appreciated a hug.

I'm glad Hug Your Cat Day is over too!

I'm with you, Max. I don't wanna get squeezed. ~Wally

Hey Max, go to. jenny lawson is awesome and her thoughts on hug you cat day are very true

Mr Hendrix. (I cant log in today!)

You mean there's a special day to have Hug Your Cat Day? Heck, that should be every day. Aren't us two legged people weird? Here you are minding your own beeswax and you find yourself suddenly flying through the air and snuggled. No wonder cats look down at the floor and fwap people with their tails.

We accepted hugs. In fact we almost always do. Its not so bad!

I don't do hugs either.

Mr. Max! I get 110 kisses every night and my mom picks me up and bear hugs me several times a day! No point in running cause there is nowhere to hide!!! The positive in it all is that it sure beats being in a shelter or outdoor kitty. We will take the love any day. Jamie & Ocat

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