Well, hell...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/24/2014 10:21:00 PM

The window was there...

...and then it wasn't.

I liked that window. That window had a ton of sun every day, and there was a thingy to sit on in front of it, right where I could see the window AND the kitchen table where the Peoples' nomming of noms occurred.

I'm pretty sure they're not putting it back.

Today I just hung out in the closet like I usually do, and when the noisy people were gone I got up because that's when the screen door gets opened. But today the screen did not get opened; if fact, the People LEFT US while they went out to get foods for themselves, and we didn't get out until really late. Like 6:30.

Oh, they mumbled something about wet texture on the walls, but so what? It was time to get out! I've been really good about being back there all day because it doesn't really impact me, but since I have been good, I should get released at a reasonable time.

That's only fair.

It's a shame people aren't fair.

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Don't da peeps know ya get released early for good behaviors?

What?! Your humans covered up a perfectly good window?! What, are they nuts!! I'm horrified.

I'm with Sparkle! Windows should be sacrosanct!

Poor dear Max! I wish I could make it all better but when the work is all done, I know you will be happy about it! Hang on Mr. Awesome! I think there is a bigger sun area coming up!

PS. Yes you should be let out for being a good kitty! I agree mightily!

That's horrifying! Taking out a perfectly good window like that is just not good at all. On the other hand the people want a more modern kitchen so maybe there will be a much bigger window plus a skylight or something so no matter where you are in the kitchen you'll have intense sunlight and views to everything.

oh that's just sad. I hope they will make it up to you :)

Dang it! Not only are they stealing your kitchen now the windows are disappearing too! Insane.

Not fair to lose a window!

Well, that stinks.

Oh noes! NO sunny window, that is just wrong Max. And then to more concerned about their foods...sacrilege!

We think there is some biting and scratching needed to bring the beans back into line.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Wait, the Beins covered up one of yer BEST windows? They better intend ta put a whole cat tree there!!!

Crikey Max. Dat sux dood.