Posted by Max | Posted on 7/01/2014 08:28:00 PM

Oh yeah.

It's that good.

Yesterday while we were locked in the back of the house--and dang, doods, we were locked back there from 8 in the morning to almost 8 at night--the Woman brought this big envelope into the room where the Man hangs out, and holy carp, I could smell all the awesome before she even got it open.

This is some of the most premium nip I've ever had, and it was in a spiffy toy, one just the perfect size to grab with my paws and rub it all over my face. There was a toy for Buddah, too, but I got the best one, I think.

While I was rubbing it all over myself the Woman said she got it from William's mom...she has a store called Feline O'Mine and she sells really great stuff. And I swear, I'm not even being paid to say that! The Woman wanted to get me something for being reasonable during the kitchen makeover, and she knocked it out of the park. I freaking love the toys I got.

Today the noisy people were done in the kitchen pretty early, so the people let us out and they went out to get some food for themselves and when they came back they had a brand new cat tree. It's supposedly fr both of us, but we all know it's for Buddah for being a very good boy so far. He hasn't thrown a chit fit or bit anyone, and they were really afraid he would. They put it by the TV in the living room and took his old one and put it by the bed in the room where the Woman hangs out during all the noise.

She said she hoped I didn't feel slighted since we all know Buddah's going to claim the tree as his, but I think I got the better deal. I have my own tree anyway--hell, 3 of them--and I have my mancat cave to hang out in while all the noise is going on, plus I got the premium nip toy.

I don't think it's going to be too many more days of noise. The kitchen has cabinets and a floor and the guy that was here today colored between the floor tiles to make them prettier, and he did a good job.

Oh, and if you're my friend on Facebook, or follow me, hop on over to my author page and like me there, too, please. I'm posting there a little more in case FB realizes me personal page belongs to a cat. They've been closing cat pages down, but they won't my author page, I don't think. And I need people to click on LIKE because right now Buddah as more likes on his page, and we can't have that. Nope, we cannot have that.

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It sounds like you are being well compensated for being so put out by the worker humans.

BTW, make sure your human is co admin on your author page, if you are currently the only admin - in case your profile gets deleted, there will still be someone in charge there!

You got Primo Nip AND a new cat tree fer bein closed up one day? We have been closed up 3 days an got nothin. We gotta think about this!

A new cat tree and primo nip. I'm kinda jealous. I just got bookshelves all over the wall that small like Ichiro.

Enjoy your nip!

Rags is drooling....

That must be real primo nip. You are looking zoned out.
I just liked your author page and sent a friend request on the other one.

Me don't use FB anymore but you have all my likes no matter what. I hope the new kitchen is a great one! At least it saved you from the M word! Nice presents!

I'm glad you reminded me of William's store. I had a tab open for it forever and it got closed. I think we need to get Mom and Dad to order soon!

Dang, if having strangers in the house to make lots of noise means getting primo nip toys, we want our kitchen redone too!

I'm glad you're enjoying the toys, bud! Thanks for the meow-out! My mom wouldn't even let us help and locked us out of the office. I didn't get toys OR a tree for that...

The best thing after you getting that nip toy is that Buddah hasn't fought with you all during the kitchen makeover. He's growing up and that sounds more than terrific for you. It's a true shame that FB is rumored to be shutting cat pages down. Sparkle had a good idea about having the woman be co-administrator person. It's probably bothering you to processing her have to do that since you are old enough to be independent and stuff but sometimes things like that need doing. Especially when a furry is up against people who only think a person should only look like a human.

well that was a good start. I hope you get more :)

What a great picture of you Max!!
Nip & a cat tree sounds like two very wonderful bonuses. She loves you dude.

Mr Awesome, I don't do Facebook but I like you big bunches! I will let my Facebook friends know that they should see your author page. I email them from when I was on Facebook. Like. Like. Like!

We've had mom work the keyboard and like your author page. Why is FB shutting down cat's personal pages??? That's like 10 kinds of wrong.

Britin and Sebastian

Btw, Max, that stuff theybput betweem the tiles is called grout. You were wondering what grout was.