Posted by Max | Posted on 6/20/2014 08:54:00 AM

Yep. Today I am 13.

What am I getting?

Locked in the back of the house, that's what I'm getting.

There's supposed to be real live fresh dead steak for dinner after the noisy kitchen people leave, but we'll see. If they leave too late my birthday dinner will have to be delayed a day, but that's all right because tomorrow I don't have to be locked up at all.

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Happy Birthday, Max. We hope your birthday dinner is not delayed. If it is, then you should get two dinners. :)

A big happy birthday to you Max!

Happy 13th Purrfday Max!!!! We hope you get real live fresh dead steak today!!!! And don't have to wait until tomorrow!

Luf, Us

Happy Birthday, Max! We hope you get your special dinner today too!

Dip & Dot

13!!! Pretty special day, there should be shrimp with the steak...

Happy Birthday Max.

Happy 13th, Max. May the live dead steak be all you hope it to be.

Happy Birthday!!! Love your posts.

Well, that is kind of a bummer that you have to be locked up on your BIRTHDAY! I hope that dinner makes up for it and then some!

Locked in the back of YOUR house on YOUR PURRSday ??!!
Sure hope that your humans serve your dinner on time !!

Happy Birthday to you Max!! You still look like a handsome young mancat. We're so happy to count you as a friend.

A LUCKY Birthday Number!

Here's to a wonderful day!

Should be shrimp, and extra steak!

Happy Birthday Max!

Happy 13th Birthday Max!!!!!!!
We purr you get steak and lots more goodies :)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Concatulations and Happy 13th Birthday, dood!

Happy birthday, Max, old man!

Happy Birthday, young fella! May your day be loaded with all you ever wanted or could wish! You can call yourself "Awesome cat" now.

Dood! Happy Birthday! Hope you get some live dead shrimp.

We love you, Psychokitty!

Nugget and Sophia

Happy Birthday Max! We hope you get some of that real live fresh dead steak!!

The Florida Furkids

Happy Birthday, Max. We hope you have had your stake by now!

Happy Purthday Max. We wish you many more as well.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday weekend, Max!

Yeah,Nancy is right. Why have one day to have your birthday on when you can have the whole, entire weekend. Plus, with what you said yesterday about not being locked in the back of the house "tomorrow" that means tomorrow is today and you should get another birthday supper as part of freedom day. That's assuming you got a birthday meal last night. Happy 13th year to you and may it be super lucky.

Happy Belated Birthday Max!! Sorry we is late...the silly bean is being lazy again...she says housework came first. Sheesh!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Oh no, we missed your purrthday! Well, we hope you had a good day and got some great noms.

Happy Birthday!! and may you have many more!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Awesome!