Ok...I THINK we're fixed

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/26/2014 08:14:00 PM

I'm fairly sure whatever link was causing the popups has been deleted.


I may have unintentionally deleted a couple of blogs that are still perfectly valid. If your blog is not listed, please leave me a comment WITH the URL so I can add it back.

If you weren't in my blog list, please leave your URL so I can add you. Because...FRIENDS. I want to have all my buds listed.

You are my bud, right...?

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Ya can add me - http://lonestarcats.blogspot.com.

I'm glad you got that sorted out!

hope it doesn't happen again :)


Hey look, I'm there! You like me you really like me :)

Yup, I'm still there. Glad you got it sorted.

We're good, Max!


It is very sad to see how many blogs are gone. WE wonder what happened to them.