Stinky Badness

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/01/2014 03:21:00 PM

Ok, so remember a couple of weekends ago when I sent you guys over to my Mousebreath column to tell me all about the high quality foods you like?

Well, the Woman read all the responses and went shopping both in the store and online and she got several cans of a few different brands for us to try. And for the most part, it's been a rousing success other than we like most of them which makes it harder for her to settle on one or two.

Last night was the first time we were getting a particular brand, and she was all oooh you'll like this because it's a big can and I'm going to let you have more than usual and so happy about it that I thought maybe she should eat it instead. I mean, she was damn near gushing over it, so she must have wanted some, right?

Well, she divided that can up and plopped my plate down in front of me, waiting with all these expectations that I would shove my face into it and scarf it down, but doods, I just couldn't do it.

That was not Stinky Goodness.

That was Stinky Badness.

Well? she asked. Aren't you going to eat it?

I sat down and looked up at her. No.

She turned to Buddah, who sniffed it and then walked to the edge of the counter to issue his opinion. It smells like asterisk.

Guys, she said, that stuff is almost two bucks a can.

I re-stated my negative answer, and Buddah started to cry.

She offered to top it off with a crunchy treat.


I should get fed in a dish like this
With an affected huff of Fine, she picked the plates up and scraped the horrible stuff into the trash, and then opened a can of stuff we've assured her we not only like, but will inhale in hopes that we can get to the other kitty's plate to steal some before he's finished.

I don't know why she was out off by our refusal to eat it. I mean, that helped her narrow the field of choices, right?

In other news, since we started trying other brands, there has been no barfing, and she thinks the litter box hasn't been as foul, either. So far the front runners are Avoderm and Wellness, but we also really like Purina Pro Plan. So we might be getting a mix of the three, as long as neither of us shows an adverse reaction to something.

As long as we don't get another can of last night's horrible offering, I think I'll be happy.

Well, as happy as I can be living here with these people...

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yep. Mommy has served us up some foul slop too in the name of healthiness.
FIE on that!

Humans....who can figure them out! We're glad you've found three pawsome foods. We like Wellness too!

The Florida Furkids

Glad you're finding some tasty foods!

We're glad your human didn't fight you and try to make you eat that stinky badness.

No barfage is good. Unless it's intentional to make a statement, embarass them in front of company, or gross them out for s&g, then it's game on.

You're not going to warn us what the stinky badness was, so we can make sure Bob and Monika don't buy any?


I like the Purina Pro Plan, too!!

There's no reason to have Stinky Badness with all the great flavors of Avoderm, there are even dry food flavors of that one. But you're right not liking one will narrow her choices. You may have to remind her that new foods are science lab experiments and that you and Buddah are junior scientists. I bet even the woman has had food she didn't like from time to time. It's kinda too bad the stinky badness cost so much but that's the price of science experimenting. Sometimes it costs a lot to get results nobody expected.

Heh heh didja give her da look too when you smelled da stinky badness? We can second da thot about da non stinky poop tho. We eat Wellness stinky goodness too and lots of human food.

We thinks you was furry smart not to eat that stuff. You should remind her that if you had eaten it the barfin' would have been in-event-able!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Oh Max! I am thrilled that you have a happier tummy! Stinky badness is awful but the woman deserves lots of niceness for all the effort she has given to get your barfing stopped and still getting you all the good stinky goodness you really enjoy. She deserves a few head bonks from both of you.

Just thinking about this and it occurred to me that maybe the canned food had gone bad! I know we use lots of canned food and I have never had that odor! The woman might want to check this out cause even cans have a time stamp for using and who knows how long it was in a hot warehouse before even hitting the supplier! Sorry for posting 2x but it's worth it to save some problems.

The can wasn't expired...the People check those things. It was just a gross flavor from Doctors FOster Smith.

We tried another flavor that we hated, too. I don't think the Woman will waste any more money on that brand. And there's like 8 cans left. I hope she's hungry...