Shhh...listen to all that quiet...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/21/2014 12:53:00 PM I survey the wreckage of my domain.

Yesterday all the noisy people left early--like 11:30 instead of 5 or 6--because the dood from the city who was supposed to show up and inspect all the stuff they've already called and told them he can't come over and admire their efforts until Monday. They can't do anything else until he looks at it and says "Good job!" or "You suck" or something like that. The People seem to think they'll get a big thumbs up, but they really wished he could have come when he was supposed to because it just means tacking a day onto the end of the whole thing.

But for me, it was aces. In the morning after breakfast I went back to the closet for my first nap of my birthday and didn't even hear it when they showed up. I got up once to go see what was what, looked down the hall and saw the screen door was closed, so I figured what the hell, I might as well go take another nap. Next thing I know the Man is standing there and telling me I have the run of the house.

So I went out to see what they'd done--the window Buddah and I both really, really liked because the sun always put some awesome puddles right there, and we could lay on the thingy I'm laying on in the picture to enjoy it was GONE--and there were some new holes in the walls, but it didn't look like much got done. The People are all impressed because electrical thingies were moved and the water thingy for the refrigerator was moved.

But yeah, nice and quiet for most of the day, even if the house is a total wreck. I spent some time remembering friends who have left around this time of year, especially Skeezix and now Hendrix--and I enjoyed some noms, and had a few really awesome naps.

So it was a good birthday, and now I am 13.

No one will tell me when my Bar Miztvah is going to be, though.

I get one, right? 

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On the bright side, if they want to have a yard sale of kitchen items, they're set!
I was just thinking about Skeezix this week, too, hoping the memory wouldn't be so... raw?
Glad you had a groovy bday with tons of cows, and naps. You should totally demand a bar mitzvah - collect major $ in those wonderful envelopes!

Since you are a cat, Max, isn't it a Cat Miztvah?

Just look at all that stuff you can check out up close and purrsonal, Max.

Glad you got your naps in yesterday. AND we hopes the beans don't forget to put back your window!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

You totally should get a bar mitzvah or whatever. A chance for more prezzies and foods.

A Cat Mitzvah sounds good to me, MOL!

We are thinkin ya got GREATS places ta esplore around in!

You definitely need a Mitzvah. Even though you've been a grownup for a bunch of years.Anything that gets you food, gifts and another party is just stellar. Hopefully, the window seat will always be yours, you look like you totally own that place.looks like a bit of a leap with you being on the chair and them jumping up to the table. But that's impressive how you can jump that high.

I would say any special day works to celebrate. A Bar Mitzvah celebrates becoming adult. We all know that you did that years ago. So party anyway, dood! You have mellowed like a smooth cup of catnip tea so just party hearty Mr. Awesome!