Are you getting popups here?

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/26/2014 02:55:00 PM

I had a comment a few posts ago from someone who was getting a popup when coming to my blog. I was hoping it was just a one time thing because I have never--and will never--have anything set up for popups other than the comment box...but today I got a popup.

I'm combing through the template looking for code that might allow it, but I can't find anything.

If you're getting a popup ad, please let me know, and tell me what browser you're using and at what point it shows up--when the page is done loading, before it's done loading...?

This has never been a blog where there will be ads, and having one I don't want showing up ticks me off. A lot. So if you're getting it, I apologize, and am looking hard for the cause.

EDIT LATER: I've gone through my blogroll and deleted dead blog links and several blogs that had been taken over by commercial interests and a few suspicious ones. I *think* I found the offending link, but I can't be 100% if you get a popup now, that means I didn't find it and it's back to square one.

Thanks for the was a little sad to see how many blogs are just gone now, and how many have been taken over by spam.

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I use Firefox and I didn't see a pop up here. I did get a comment a couple of weeks ago that someone got a pop up when they came to my blog. Hopefully it was a one off because no-one else seems to have seen it.

We got the popup - it came over the whole screen. There was a message that we could disable it by going to the Google Store and getting something that will stop it.

There was a close in the corner, which we told mom to use, then it took us back to the web page BEFORE you. We went to you again and it hasn't popped up again. We might close Chrome and come back and see if it invades again!

Dip & Dot

Hi, I'm using Firefox and the pop up happens right after your page loads. It takes over the entire screen for 30 seconds. I was able to exit out of it back to your page, but I'm sure its annoying to you and Woman. Love your posts, I'll keep coming back.

No pop-ups for us. We use Google Chrome.

Happy Thursday!

No pop-ups for us. We use Google Chrome.

Happy Thursday!

No pop-up showed up for me.
I use Google Chrome.

Me again :)
I just come to think about something.
I had problem with a pop-up window at my blog last year.
It turned out to come from a blog I was linking to that closed down and another one had taken that blogadress and turned it into some comercial ?!
When I removed the link the pop-up didn´t show again :)

Ahhh....I will check my links, because I can't find a line of code that allows for a popup...Thanks.

No pop ups for me but I am using a pop up blocker. I don't get them anywhere.

That is the link on the popup that I get. It was full screen but could click out. I'm on Firefox.

No pop-up here, I'm on a MacBook Pro, using the latest version of Chrome. I probably have a pop-up blocker enabled.

I agree with a previous poster - check the links on your blogroll. Some scammer may have overtaken the URL of a dead blog.

We are good Max, we haven't ever seen a pop-up. Firebox and Windows.

We're on our popups.

Tell your mom to check her e-mail for a note from my mom. You think THIS is late--we got dinner three hours late tonight!! Anyway, we're sorry for the delay.

We've gotten the redirect a few times (it's the same info as Jennifer). Mom checked the code on your page and found nothing obviously strange, but sometimes free templates contain hidden redirection code. Don't know if that's the case here or what, and it didn't happen every time.

I's never had a popup.

no pop-ups that we saw, but our mom is still a slacker. Bol!

I'm using IE9, got the popup. Full page, just after your page loaded; message that I would be redirected back to your page in 30 seconds (countdown clock); had a close button, but when I clicked it, took me back to previous page. When I came back to your page, I did not get the popup.

No pop ups here. Yet. I don't use Google Chrome.