Oh man...Look.

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/16/2014 07:25:00 PM

They put everything from the kitchen in the front room. INCLUDING THE REFRIGERATOR. This just does not bode well, no it does not.

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Our take away?

Your peeps keep your PTU in the kitchen? That's weird, man.

Yikes, what a mess. Anything missing?

Whoa! What in Bast's name are they doing???

Maybe they got tired of walking all that way to eat?

Wait until they start the demolition of the kitchen, gonna be noisy.

Max, Mr Awesomeness, when the woman's new kitchen is installed, you will find it is such a great place! This is temporary inconvenience for a short term to have way better noms in the long term! It is not the M word! It is the look of "Yeah! This is where we will stay from now on!" Humans don't pay out for renovations in houses they don't want to remain in. Your friend, Mighty Kitty

Talk about upheaval in your life!
On the other paw, maybe your foods are closer ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

At least Buddah is way more freaked out... entertainment in trying times.

Holy carp, Max. Have they adopted a LION instead of a cat?

Max, How can I get my humans to move the refrideratoror into the living room? Next to my cat tree? Love, Dio

Well, if all that stuff is in the living room, maybe they'll have take out or grill something. Yummy!

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Yeah, things look messy but it looks like you have a place to lie around on next to the window. So THAT'S a good thing.

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Hmmm...our guess is that you're getting a new floor in your kitchen.

Just think of all the stuff you can climb all over now, Max.

Too bad they won't let you out to go exploring in that!