Hendrix, my man...

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/10/2014 04:34:00 PM

A true Gentleman
and my friend

Dood...I am going to miss you so hard.
Say hi to our friends at the Bridge for me, and give them head bumps.

Start looking for all the trouble we can get into
And all the delicious noms we can nom
And the sun puddles we can swim in.
I'll see you on the flipside
...and it will be glorious...

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He were one good lookin guy.

Aw man! RIP...


Hendrix has been kinda ill lately and it was just time, I guess. His mom has been posting on Facebook about it and this morning helped him on his way to the Bridge.

I am so going to miss him and Bendrix...

Well, crap. There goes one Fine Mancat and another icon of the CB...

Hendrix, dood, you will be missed.

Aww crap, we'z gonna miss him so much...crap, crap, crap...

ah man we just found out about this. well this stinks. Hendrix was a dood's dood. we are going to miss him

What?! Oh no!!! :'-(

We saw this on FB earlier today. Hendrix was one of the first kitties we made furiends with when we started blogging. He was a cool cat. We'll miss him lots.

THat sukx! WE loved Hendrix!

So sorry about your furriend. We hasn't been here long so there are lots of kitties we hasn't met. It's always a sad day when one leaves for the Bridge.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Thanks for letting us know, Max. We don't do Facebook and had no idea. Hendrix was my nose twin and I'll miss him a lot.

Real sad news because Hendrix is no longer here bur happy that he's in his glory at the Bridge. But Max, stay here for many more years or there will be bazillions of broken hearts here!

I am sad Hendrix has gone to the Bridge. He will be in good company and have lots of friends to catch up on old times with.