Doods! The people went to San Francisco so the Woman could practice walking next to water without falling in, and they saw this guy:

But did they think to bring him home for me?


I bet he would have tasted like chicken, too.

The Woman has a sunburn now, so at least I have that to amuse me...

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I don't know if that's enough of a consolation, Max. You could have feasted on that bird for weeks!

Nice size fevver, Max. He probably does taste like chick-hen. But now, we'll never know. Be sure to give your mom biskits where it burns. Purrs and headbutts.

Max, I hear those birds taste like turkey jerky - sorta tough and very salty! Maybe he should have told your human she needed to put on more sunscreen!

He looks delicious. I'd like the combo meal with fishy flakes on the side...

You have to tap your mum on her daily. Help it heal.


We bet that bird WOULD taste like chick-hen, but with a hint of fish! An definitely drag yer claws lightly over the sunburnt. The stimulation will help it heal, we are sure!

These big fat feathered meals are ALL OVER THE PLACE down here, but my Human has never brought one home for me either. (Maybe she's afraid it might hurt me?)

Seagulls are nasty. We met a few and they aren't very nice. It was probably a good thing your humans didn't bring him home for you.

mmmm that bird looks nommy, but I'll bet it eats nasty stuff and tastes putrid. Do you feel any better?

If not, poke your Woman's red burn while she sleeps

I like to sit in my window and watch those creatures flutter around out in the trees! I've been an indoor cat for so long now that I'm not sure I'd know what to do if I ever got one of them!