Doods! I got to go out again, this time to the Olive Garden! I ate with Diva Kitty's Mom and the Man and the Woman. And there were wine glasses on the table, but no one offered me any. And you know, I might wanted to have tried that.

As you can see, I had the spaghetti. The sauce was tasty what with all the real live fresh dead cow in it, but the

You can see, too, my People are morons. Look at what The Man is doing to me! Like he couldn't be NICE in a picture. DKM took the picture, BTW. SHE is polite people to have dinner with. Not once did she do anything rude to me.

When we got home, there was something really cool. Look at Buddah's and my feets...


Kimo & Sabi's Mom sent goody bags with DKM for us! See how Buddah is sucking up to me? It's because 1) he didn't get to go anywhere, and 2) he wanted to be sure he got his.

That was wicked cool. Thanks Kimo & Sabi's Mom! And Thanks DKM for meeting us for dinner and bringing the goody bags!

I wonder where else I'll get to go...

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What a fun time!! Flat Tamir is the only one of us who ever got to go anywhere. AND you got treats too!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Wow! Your folks are getting to do a lot of cool stuff! I think Flat Chey needs to go to San Francisco!

Those 2 fingers need the bitey put on 'em! The world is your oyster (or shrimp, or beef, or ham . . .) as a flat cat. And traveling is cheap too!

Lucky kittehz! Out to eat and treats all in one night. Enjoy! Happy Thursday. xoxo

Max, you can come here anytime! My Human will take you to all the lame places she goes.

Our mom only takes us to the vet. Once in a while she takes us to the backyard and lets us walk in the grass. Manny can walk around alone, but I have to wear a harness and leash....the humiliation!!

Lucky you, dinner out and goodie bags with treats. Yum!!!

Dude. How'd you get so lucky to get to go out to eat and get treats? Can you teach me how to do that?
your bud Pepi

Its good to go visit as a flat isnt it. I thought everyone had realy happy faces and at least you got treats.. Hugs GJ xx

Fun! But we agree, you should get even for the rudeness. People. Huh.

Oh Max, that was so great ya got ta go out ta fancy places the past couple of days. We are SO jealous!

OMC dat is hysterical. I fink I woulda tried some parm cheese too.
Haz a great weekend, love your Bloggy! I found you on Rumbles blog. (purrr)