Oh man oh man oh man oh man I walked into the kitchen tonight to see if there was any dry food in the dish, and right there on the floor was a crunchy treat bag!


Right there in the middle of the floor!

I did was any self respecting kitty would do; I crept up on it quietly to make sure that 1) it wouldn't get away and 2) that a people wouldn't hear me and take it away. I got right on it and doods, I worked that sucker! I had to get it between my paws just so and wiggle it until the top popped open, and then I had to make it stay open while I got a paw in there to scoop the guts out.

It was hard work.

And doods?

The freaking bag was empty!

All that hard work, and I barely got any crumbs to lick off my paw.

On the plus side, the Man did sneak up on me and watched me try to get the treats out, and I impressed him enough that he got into the treat drawer and got me some.

But man, a free range treat bag should NOT be empty!

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"But man, a free range treat bag should NOT be empty!" Darn right! :)

That is so WRONG! At least you got sum treats out of the whole ordeal! Happy Sunday.

Dang! That is just wrong. He knew you were working hard to get in it. He could have offered to help!

What a gyp! Giving you treats after that debacle was the LEAST your male human could have done!

Cruel and unusual punishment, Max. Poop on their pillows.

Sounds like someone was playing Treat bag Psych on you. That's just mean. At least you did get some treats afterward though.

That was wrong. Just plain wrong! I'm glad that fairness abounded though and you did get some treats for your trouble. But you're right..free range treat bags should NOT be empty. That's just wrong.

That is 749563549 kinds of awful!

We think that's terrible! At least the Man did give you some treats so it wasn't a total loss!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

That is so beyond wrong!

But consider that yer hard werk getting that empty bag open DID get ya some treats. There IS justice sometimes!

I'll be it was The Woman who put it there. The Man seems MUCH nicer.

We are having some Computer Problems! We'll be by when we can!

that is beyond wrong! At least "the man" had enough sense to give you some treats!

I came back to see if you recovered yet. xxoo

Our daddy gets his coffee ready every night and he yells "coffee" and we run to the kitchen cause that means we are going to get some treats. We don't even have to be good boys or work at it, he just gives us treats.

You need to re-train your people.

An empty treat bag? That is all kinds of wrong.

Even with the treats, we think SOMETHING needs a tooth mark or six.