Doods, in honor of the Great Kismet, today is Whisker Hump Wednesday. No one could rock the Whisper Hump like Kismet could--of course he invented the term--but from here on out, we're making Wednesdays a Kismet Kinda Day, and we'll do our best to rock the humps.

My humps, my humps, my manly manly Whisker Humps

Kismet, dood, you are gonna be missed like crazy in the CB.

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Man you've got some impressive humps. Ichiro's are a disappointment... he fails me even in THIS...

Great manly humps there, dood. Happy Whisker Hump Day! xoxo

Now those are some manly humps!

We think you have excellent whisker humps! We're participating today, even though we didn't know Kismet. It's a lovely way to pay tribute to him!

Kismet would say you are rockin it Dood!

you have very excellent whisker humps!

I didn't know Kismet, but he sounds like a cool dood.

Max, you have some excellent humps there, specially the one on your right. It's pawsomely humpy.

Kismet sounded like a fine, upstanding kitty! I made my hooman donate to the boobie thing. Your friend, Steve


I want to thank you so, so much for the wonderful comment you left on my Whisker Hump Wednesday post on Kismet's blog. I did find some comfort after hearing that Dusty went peacefully and quickly even though she suffered from cardiomyopathy. I also enjoyed that she spit at the vet right beforehand; I know wherever Kismet is, he's really proud of that. :)

Also, your humps are LOVELY.

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