Tomorrow the Woman turns Official Old. She's not happy about being old but she's kinda happy about not being dead, so there's not a lot of whining about it.

DSC_0083But the better thing about her being Officially Old is that some peoples who donated to her Walk thingy are finally going to win prizes!

There's still time. Go to ROCK THE PINK and click on the DONATE button near the top of the page, or if you don't want to see her crappy 1st greader web effort just go right to the donation page. Every $5 is a shot at a 64GB iPad, a 3G Kindle 3, or a 16 GB iPod Nano.

Your donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE! And because of your generosity, she's doing stuff like in the picture, walking around San Francisco dressed like the Pepto Bismol Fairy.

Dooods...she might even DYE HER HAIR HOT PINK.

All for the boobies.

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We really wish we could donate something at this time, but as Mom is flat broke, and we are in the middle of moving, we aren't going to be able to...but, we would love to see pink hair on the woman. Maybe once Mom starts working again, we can donate to the Atlanta walk.

Cody and Gracie

We gotted mom's plastic card thingy and gave some moneys - are there enny Tempations or Stinky Goodness being given away?

Finny Buddy & PRincess Jazzy

Yeah my human is already old and will get older--I hope...

Sorry the Woman is old, Max, but look at it this way--no matter how old she gets, she'll never be as old as *my* mom!

Off to donate...

Okay, if the Woman is gonna dye her hair pink, we gotta give her some green papers!!

Mum said she did her green papers, so we have paws crossed she might win some toys for herself.

Pink hair? Derby has a picture of himself with a pink wig.

Pink hair is soooo cool! Our mom is sooo excited to help save the boobies...we didn't even get to meet our grandma-in-law because the boobies got her...Thank you Karen for your dedication!!! Lots of love Dip and Dot Kitty and Margmom

Oh Happy almost Birthday to your Mom!

You're only as old as you feel and it looks like your mom is feeling very young. I'd love to see the pink hair!

Mom Paula

What qualifies as offishully old? Mommy says be happy about birthdays cuz you know what the alternative would be! xoxo

Um, I'd really like to see her dye her hair pink. Just sayin'. That would be cool.

Whoa, hot pink hair! Hope you have a good time.

We know your mom is just behind ours in the Old Department line. Tell her welcome to the club. Our mom is Old + 1. Pink hair sounds rather fetching.

Um, do you mean "officially old" as in turning 30 or as in getting the AARP card? TBT says there is some slight difference. Personally, we think even 30 would be pretty spectacular... 20 even...