Doods, look.


I found this on the People's camera.
They made this poor kitty take a bath!
And look at the size of the tub!

You can totally see it on her face:
Please let me out! Please!

People are so freaking mean sometimes...

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That poor cat. I would not want to be the person who has to do the soap.. just a warning.

Max, dood! That kitty is a TIGER, and she actually LIKES water! And if her face says she wants out, it's because she sees a tasty "snack" on the other side of the wall! *evil laugh*
-- Simon
Elder statesman of the Wilson zoo.

I think maybe tigers do like to be inna water. I bet there's a way for her to get outta there if she wanted to. Maybe some Big Fishies will come along for her to snack on?

I'm glad I'm not a tiger! I hate water.

OMC. I'm glad I don't live at *that* house!

The Wilson Zoo is right! That kitty LOVES water!

We would not want to be that kitty,either!

That (very big) kitty seems to be enjoying the water! Odd......

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

So. Much. Water. ::passes out::

Skeery. That's the biggest bathtub I efur saw. Poor kitty. Purrs.

Personally, I prefer any tiger to be very far away from me, and not hungry. Holy carp, that's a big tub though.