Hey lady...look, if I'm licking your gross, sticky skin, it's not because I *LIKE* you. It's because after being outside all day practicing walking you need a bath. And since you obviously don't seem to be headed towards the rain box thingy, I have to do it for you.

Sometimes, I think you're worse than Buddah.


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MOL! Humans - aren't they just awfully clueless?

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Yep, you can't give a stronger hint that it's bath time! :-P

We get it, as we always say a kitten's work is never done.

Yeah--I love it when they're sweaty and their skin is all salty. I love salt. It's like one big salt like. Except sometimes they stink.

They are so very labor intensive. It's a wonder we get any sleep at all.

We wonder iffen the salty flavor has annything ta do with yer licking...

They really do require a lot of maintenance.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

MOL! I clean my mom's drool off of her face every morning when she wakes up, and she has the nerve to tell me "you're just replacing my human drool with your kitty drool!" How rude.
Sometimes humans just don't get it...