Doods...we are so screwed.

The mice?

They're getting all buff.

We may have a problem here...

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Does this mean I have to get buff too?

Nah, we can take 'em anytime.

omg sooo funny!

MOLOLOLOL! Your human has a wicked sense of humor!

Do you think the evil squirrels put them up to it?

Hehe...we're tired just watching that workout. Time for a nap!!


MOL. too cute

Oohhh.... we need a plan! POUNCE!

Quick, every kitty join a gym!! That is a pretty alarming video!

Bwahaha! Let me at 'em!

Look at that big exposed tummy. I say we can still take him.

That is scary! But, they cant get all THAT buff, they are still only a few inches long. MORE MEAT!

And thinking about it, whats that mouse gonna do when he gets tired? Yeah, we think it is a self-correctin problem...

We could take a whole herd of em with one paw tied behind our backs!

Funny! Can somebody help the mice?

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