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Max, you're really living the good life lately. Yum...cream filling!!!

Dood, it's not a canary! that! xoxo

Max, remember your dignity. You're almost drooling over a twinkie.

A TWINKIE?!?! Blegh. I do not want! Unless they have started making them with chicken cream in the center.

We're not sure about those twinkie things! Maybe if it was nip filled it might be okay.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

did you know that Twinkies are one of the only foods that has a shelf life of like a ZILLION years!?

You may want to rethink that! lol

Wow! You are lucky to get smell cool human foods like that!

Is that a TWINKIE? Well, of course you WANT. Nommy nommy nommy. Maybe there's a hot dog inside it.

BITE IT, Max!!

Did you get to lick some of the cream inside? That is the best part.

Cody and Gracie

Oooh nooo Max! Thems is awful things and they will ruin your kittenish figure.

Only lick enuff to make your bean not want it. That's the trick. Happy Sunday.

Twinkies are GOOD!

I got a couple of tiny, tiny bites.

One day, I will get the whole thing!

But did you GET?

Take a huge bite and find out what's in the middle!

Ooohhhhh that looks very nommy.

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Max, we hope ya held out fer the FRIED Twinkie!

Yum, I like anything wif CREAM!

Max. If you sniff and got no Nip Smell, Say Bye and walk away..Cause It's Crap Carrot !

mmmmmmmmm twinkies

THey have deep fried twinkies on a stick at the Minn. State Fair. You gotta come visit!

Dunno about that.