Edit:HE'S HOME. SO...nevermind... ;)

Dooods...our good buddy Beau Beau went outside and didn't come back inside and his people are freaking and I'm really really worried. So muster up some Mojo and purrs and send out the energy to get his furry little butt home where it belongs

Get your butt home, Beau Beau!

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All ready got the motors cranked.

Your purrayers worked really quickly! I came running back when I heard the word of the CB! Fank you.


We were glad to hear he came running home so quickly.

Cody and Gracie

Yeaa!!! The Max Mojo Miracle :)

Your Mojo worked Max. Glad he is home safely.

Fank Ceiling Cat! I am so glad I did not see this till after he had gotten his furry butt home like you told him to!

Good news!!

Oh thank goodness!! I was about to be really sad until I read that he is home safe and sound! Whew!