Doods! A buncha the cat peoples got together for lunch today, and guess what!

I was there!

Here I am with Kimo & Sabi's mom in a picture taken by DKM. She thinks I'm nuts but even she'll admit I was well behaved.

And the best part?

The Woman wasn't there! Doods! I was out partyin' with the cool kids and she was stuck at home!

I finally got to have fun and she didn't!

What an awesome, awesome day!

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Max, I think you are trying to fool us. That looks like a picture of you on the table. The giveaway was that if the Woman wasn't there, I knew you couldn't be!

Lots of love to you, anyway!

Wait--what? How did this work? Did they send a limo for you or what? What did they buy you for lunch? They didn't make you WEAR that sign, right?

Buddah was not invited?

We think it's super cool that you got to go partying without the woman. We hope she's feeling better tho.

Cody and Gracie

I teleported over, obviously! And I'm in the bag, because, well, I have this thing about going outside, and that was comforting. Plus, it gave me someplace to hide the stuff I was stealing off everyone's plates.

The Woman doesn't know if she feels better yet or not. She asked me to amputate her head earlier so I'm guessing she's not 100% yet. She will be, though.

Wow! You got to go and your human didn't?! How cool is that?!

that is very very AWESOME!!!!!!

Ooooooooo Max!!!
Hangin' with da ladies...Momless!!!
Way to go Dude ;)

Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Way to go Max, get out and have some fun.

Sounds like fun! Did you take her a doggie bag? MOLOLOLOL! Haf a pawsome day.

Good times dood! Next time we hopes yer momma can join us.

Hahaha, cute sign

BTW, we are having a contest where we are giving away a bag of free Innova Natural Pet food. Today is the last day to enter! Good Luck.

We dunno, Max...we thinks you might be fibbin''ll never get to be a real little boy that way, Max! (though why anyone would want to be a human is hard to understand)

Getting out without the woman! Watch out -- Max is out on the town! (Sorry your Mom couldn't make it ... looks like a great group get-together.)