Damn, doods, I'm leaking like crazy here. Edsel the Pooch's mom, Sue, passed away on the 12th. She'd been trying to kick the snot out of brain cancer for a long time, and I think all along I just assumed she would do it. People get sick, people get better. And the people of the cool cats, well, they just have to get better.

Edsel started blogging about 6 years ago, and was one of the first, before the CB got to be so big... Man, I want to say more but things are kinda stuck.

If you never got to know him, go to his blog and start at the beginning, and you'll see what a cool guy he is. But doods...I gotta look over the 4th wall. Edsel was an amazing cat blogger because of his mom. She was something really special, and the CB is gonna be that much dimmer now.

It's hard enough when one of us takes our trip the the Bridge, expected or not, from old age or a sickness or an accident, but guys? We wouldn't be here getting to know each other without our people, so when they go it's like an extra kick in the nads. Edsel's mom was awesome, so it's a kick in the nads and someone pulling nose hairs, all at once.

Cancer is such a bitch.

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Cancer does indeed suck. I didn't know Edsel but I am sad :(

I was just thinking about her the other day. This is awful. i too thought she had kicked that cancer in the butt. May she rest in peace.

Cancer just sucks! That's why your Woman practices walking. Putter and Diamond send purrs and tell you Woman that we all are thinking of her today.

We HATE cancer.

We had to visit your blog with Firefox because we're getting the malware notice in Google Chrome. You need to remove sweetladycat.blogspot.com from your blogroll.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Oh Max, I am sorry to hear about this nice lady. My Human has lost too many people to that Sucky Cancer. That's why it's so good your Mom is doing all the walking, because you know, the Human has known and loved quite a few people who HAVE kicked cancer's butt, and that's 'cause of new research and new drugs that get funded from all this walking and stuff.

I am very sorry about your friend. Headbonks & nosetaps.

P.S. I am getting that same malware message in Chrome (but can visit in Firefox)

Yeah it is--whatever malware message was coming up did not come up for us so you must have fixed it-

We never really knew Edsel although we probably started blogging about the same time but we were sorry to hear that she had lost her battle. Can your person walk for her even though it wasn't BREAST cancer--it was still cancer and we think a cure for one brings us that much closer to a cure for all-

Nice tribute Max. We have one on our site too.
Mom misses Sue very much. Although they never met in person she feels like they did because they wrote almost daily to each other sharing all the ups & downs in each others life.
Mom has started to re-read Edsels blog, but it is sad right now.
*leaking her alot today too*

The Woman will totally carry her name with her when she walks.

Cancer is cancer, and a fight against one kind becomes a fight against it all. The Woman's mom had lymphoma; her dad had kidney cancer.

And thanks for the heads up about the malware warning. I took the offending blog off my blogroll, but I feel kinda bad I had to...

Yeah Max, we are all sad. Too many losses, kitty and human. Really sad.

We couldn't have said it better, Max. We have to go weep now.

We hope this comes out right...

We firmly believe that Bast is merciful because she seldom makes us outlive our dear Beins. Because doing that is such a hard hard thing and we aren't equipped for that.

Our best purrs of comfort to those Mom Sue had to leave behind...

So sad...our condolences.