Man, last night was a long one. Yesterday the Woman started feeling not-so-good and by bedtime she felt like krap, which meant I had to spend the night purring on top of her. I let her up once to pee, and while she was up she went into the kitchen to get something to drink, and I got kind of excited because she grabbed a can of stinky goodness...but, she wasn't going to feed me, she was just putting it on the table.

When she puts a can of stinky goodness on the table, that's to tell the Man that she's sleeping in and if he would be so kind, would he open it for Buddah and me? Only she's probably not thinking it as nicely. In her head it's more like, "Feed the damn cats, all right?"

So she went back to bed and I took a few minutes to eat some crunchy food and then use the litter box, but then I went back to purring on her. It must have been doing some good because when the clock thingy said 2:45 she said, "You're such a big help" as she tried to roll over.

You know, she could have said, "Max, I need to roll over. Could you move for a moment, please?" but no, she just started moving, which meant I either needed to hop off or get squished. I hopped off, let her get settled, and then hopped back on her.

"Yeah. Thanks."

At least she was polite and appreciative about my efforts.

She slept really late this morning, and even though the Man had fed us, I figured I'd better wake her up before it got to be afternoon. I mean, she'll need to be able to sleep tonight, plus, I was afraid she would wet the bed. I woke her up for her own good.

But man, she doesn't look good. She looks like... well, it's probably in your litter box, if you want to see.

I need to go take a nap. She might need me again tonight.

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Max, you are so thoughtful to purr all night on the woman like that. We hope she feels better soon.

Cody and Gracie

Purr to your the Woman! Humans are so frail, you know. And yours is still learning how to walk!

Oh noes...We hope your woman feels better very soon. Otherwise you'll exhaust yourself with all these nursing duties, and then where will you be? Maybe they'd better feed you extra stinky goodness now, to keep up your strength.

How sweet to help your mom out like that! Are you digging your claws in adequately? That helps alot. We are sending purrs fur your mom not to look like poo.

Max, you are so good to take care of her!

Your poor Mommy. I'm sending you good thoughts

Mommy M and The Garrison

That's good of you to sleep on her chest and keep her from breathing too deeply when she is sick. I mean that is such a bad thing. I hope that you get a rest soon though. I hate having to do nursing duty day and night and night and day...

Good job Max, it is hard working purring on our humans.

Good job Max. Your mom should appreciate you more and give you more Stinky Goodness.

What would she do without you?

I'm glad to hear your human showed some gratitude for all your purring. That WAS gratitude, right?

Hmmm. I think I'd start spending my time with the healthy one. Survival of the fittest--which of them is most likely to have the strength to open cans tomorrow?

You are a thoughtful kitty Max! Hope the Woman feels better soon~

You're our hero Max!! Sacrificing your sleep for the woman's. We're sure she will feel be soon with all your help.

We hope The Woman feels better soon. Just so you get fed on time, of course!

if it wasn't for your Mom not feeling well I would think this was completely hilarious. We don't want to laugh at her expense though!
Feel better Mom!

You are too kind Max. Seriously.