Usually Buddah and I have to wait until the Woman gets her asterisk out of bed before we get fed, but once in a while the Man gets home a little but late from passing gas, and he goes ahead and opens a can, thinking we'll let her sleep a little later.

When he does this, he feeds me across the kitchen from where I usually eat, because then she'll see the plate on the wrong side of the floor and know we've had breakfast already. Most of the time she doesn't need this, because I do let her sleep. Actually, I really like it when this happens because when I'm not hungry and she's still in bed, I like to go plop down on top of her and take a nap. She's all sleepy-warm, and that's the best kind of warm to snooze on.

But this morning she woke up at her regular time anyway and wandered out into the kitchen. She saw the plate on the wrong side of the kitchen and guessed we had already eaten, but Buddah was on the counter meowing at her and I was on the floor meowing, which confuzzled her. She looked in the trash can and didn't see an empty can in there.

"Better safe than sorry," she said as she opened a can.

We're smart kitties. We wolfed that stinky goodness down fast.

Later on, when she and the Man were having their dinner, which frankly looked like beef barf on a plate so I didn't even ask for any, she asked him if he'd fed us or not.

He admitted that he had.

This puzzled her, and she said she thought he might have, but didn't see the empty can in the trash, so she fed us anyway.

"It's in the recycle can," he told her.

She never even thought to look there.

I was gonna laugh at her, but we hadn't had dinner yet, so I figured I better not, just in case...

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Smart move, kittehz! Hee-hee, it's always fun to pull one ofur on mom! Haf a happy Monday!

You guys are tricky! Binga is always trying to trick the humans here, but they are pretty good at communicating with each other about who has fed us.

LOL!! You kitties are super tricky!!! And your mommy is so silly not checking recycling! I'm sure you guys appreciate the extra can though

Mommy M and The Garrison

Yeah--don't laugh until after you get fed...


Our mom's brain doesn't start working until at least an hour & a half after she gets up. Good one guys!

Never laff at the Humans before they've given you what you want. That was a good decision, Max. You can laff at her later!

That "look starved" trick is a good one. Marley had it down purrfectly from the day he arrived, and we been takin lessons. Now we can actally LEAVE food in the bowls and STILL act like we havent been fed!