We have a winner!

Actually we have 4, because they were all here at about the same time and the counter just didn't update to reflect which one was actually # 100,000. So bill and Bonnie Underfoot & Victor Tabb, and Oreo all win! They all visited together! It was a party in here while I was sleeping last night!

So each of you have to email me with an address where I can send your prize. You're all kitties, right? If you're not you gotta let me know or else you're gonna be really disappointed! Well, unless you're a person into some kinda weird stuff. Which is ok. I won't judge you. I'll make fun of you but I won't judge you.

Thanks for playing along everyone! We might do it again at 125,000!

Oh, and you know what else? We really did get more Stinky Goodness! Last night the Woman gave us each a whole can. We didn't have to share one! And this morning the Man gave us each a whole can! But to be honest, I didn't expect the bowl of crunchy food to just vanish. It was there one minute yesterday and gone the next, and neither Buddah nor I can figure out where it went. You think they would have given us fair warning and a chance to graze one last time or something. I asked the Woman about that early, early this morning, but all she did was shove me out of the bedroom and close the door.

She's got some nerve.

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