Okays...I have a link to the left that takes you to a page reminding you to ask me a question. And I've gotten lots of really good questions! I'm thinking the answers might surpise you!

Oh, and start paying attention to my visitor counter. Sometime REALLY soon I'm going to get to 100,000--if you're the 100,000th visitor, say so in the comment section for that day! SHOUT IT OUT! Celebrate! 'Cause there will be a PRIZE for the kitty who is number 100,000! If you're a human and you're 100,000...well, you might not like the prize, but you'll still get it! Or maybe I can steal something of the Woman's.

She deserves to have something taken. She had CHICKEN today and she ate it AT THIS DESK and she didn't give me ANY of it!

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