It was still dark outside when the thingy in the ceiling went =chirp=

Usually when it goes off it's light outside and it's all =chirpchirpchirpchirpchirp= before someone stops it, and that means it's time for the People to eat.

But it went =chirp= once and then was quiet for a while, so I thought it was a mistake. But then it went =chirp= again, and a minute later it went =chirp= yet again, so I thought maybe breakfast was coming early. The Woman got out of bed and said a whole bunch of bad words and got a step stool out, and she made the thingy in the cieling shut up...but she was up and by the time she got the thingy to shut up it was light out, so that means it's time for the kitties to eat.

But would she feed us?

Nooooo...she sat down in the living room and read the comics in the newspaper and said "It's still an hour before it's time for you to eat."

Well. The chirpy thingy said it was time for someone to eat, so it might as well be the kitties. So I said over and over "We're hungry," until she finally caved in and opened the cans for us. When the Man came home she told him I started yapping at her at 6 o'clock and wasn't quiet for even 5 seconds until she fed us at 7 o'clock.


I won, that's all that matters.

She must have really hurt the thingy in the ceiling, though, because it didn't go =chirpchirpchirpchirpchirp= before they had dinner tonight.

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