I wish the People would make up their minds. First they say they want Buddah and I to pay together. Then when we do it's all, "Stop that. No biting. Get off him! Quit licking his butt!"

Well, ok, I agree with that last thing. I don't like it when Buddah gets all up in my business like that.

But we're playing just like they want. We run up and down the stairs and we chase each other and wrestle, and we play Tag You're It and sometimes I have to meow really loud to tell Buddah to come out from where ever he is because I'll play with him.

So what if it's 2 a.m.? Go back to sleep, People, we didn't ask YOU to play. We just want to run around like little freaks when there's no one else around. Is that too much to ask? If we're too loud, close your door!

But if you'd get up, we'd apreciate it if you'd go downstairs and get us some crunchy treats. Running around like that gives a kitty the munchies...

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