I don't know what the People think they're up to, but today they did not give me as much Stinky Goodness as they have been. I thought I was doing what they wanted, eating until I wasn't hungry and then walking away from the plate! But nooooo...they were setting me up. They wanted me to like getting so much Stinky Goodness, only so they could start taking some of it away!

The Woman said "You actually gained weight, Max, we have to cut back."
The Man said, "Blame her, it wasn't my idea."

They can both kiss my shiny black and white furry butt.

To make things worse, they had a nice smelling dinner and they didn't share it! We got the old, tired flames shooting out the ass line, but the truth is, they're just mean.

I'm hungry and I'm ticked off and I want my the rest of my freaking Stinky Goodness!

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