It's coming soon...

You'll want it, you know you will...

It's got all the journal entries that didn't get put in my blog. It's got haiku.'s got answers to all the questions posed by the curious and wise kitties of the blogosphere. Questions such as "If lemonade comes from lemons and orangeade comes from oranges, where does Gatorade come from?"

You might be mentioned in it.

Really, your life will not be complete without your very own copy of Something Of Yours Will Meet A Toothy Death.

The Woman will get a proof copy sometime next week, and if it looks good, she'll make a "pre-publication" copy available. That just means that all you guys get a chance to get it before it actually goes into distribution and for sale at places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And there's this:

We get a new toy, and AGAIN...I'm too big to get in it. It's not even my weight, it's my height! This is so not fair.

Buddah will have more pictures on his blog later, if I ever let him have the computer.

I want something fun!
Oh, and all the kitty crack on the floor...Buddah did it.

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