The Woman has been following links that kitties gave, and reading about kitty biology and food and stuff, and she agrees, Stinky Goodness is probably best for me!

I might get MORE of it!

But the kicker, the thing that made her stand up (and dump me off her lap!) and go in to talk to the Man was something about the thingy that makes my pancreas hurt, and how the dry food might be making it worse! So she's going to go to the pet store and read the lables a little better to make sure she's buying Stinky Godness without a lot of starchy grains, and to see if she can figure out exactly how much I should get every day.

I'm so happy I could just poop!
So I think I will!
And not on her pillow!
And cripes, I sound like Buddah!!!

Ok, be sure to keep an eye on the counter...(it's to the left, scroll down a little bit) and if you're the Magic Number, say so! It's coming SOON!

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