I should have known it was going to be a dark and depressing day right from the start. The Woman dragged herself up this morning to offer her services as our can opener, which was fine because I don't care who gets the food as long as someone gets it, but she didn't let me finish eating! Buddah sucked his food down so fast I'm surprised he didn't choke, but I was taking my time, enjoying every bite. But was that good enough?


Just because I kept standing up and backing away from the plate, she decided I was full and took the plate away because I "obviously wasn't hungry enough to eat it all." I kept coming back, didn't I? I obviously wanted to finish it. So what if I was taking my time? So what if I had to take a couple of breaks?

The day just got worse. There are no sunspots to nap in today. It's all wet and gloomy looking outside, and I don't even see any of the rude kitties wandering around in the back yard. The only good thing is that there's warm air coming out of the air blowing thingies, so we can at least curl up near one of those. I have beds placed strategically under a couple of them, and Buddah has discovered some near high places that he can get to.

Well, I could get to them, too, but why bother when I have comfy beds to curl up in?

Ok, fine, one of those beds is technically Buddah's, but it's not like he ever sleeps in it.

And right now...well right now I am very hungry, but the Woman keeps saying "it's not time. Not right now." I bet if she were hungry, those thumbs would be working furiously to open up people food.

Sheesh, even Buddah is hungry. She's making him wait, too. Isn't that, like, cruelty, making the baby wait...?

Ok, fine, he's not a baby anymore. But when food is involved, he's the baby, and I'll use it any time I think it might get me something.

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