She did not have any Stinky Goodness to feed me this morning!!!

I let her sleep in, even, and when she finally got up--6 minutes late, I might add--she sat up and said "Oh no!" before going into the kitchen.

She scrambled around, looking in the pantry and cupboards, and said, "We don't even have any tuna..."

I didn't care about the tuna, give me my Stinky Goodness! We can have tuna for lunch!

After the scrambling about the kitchen she looks down at me and says there is no Stinky Goodness. None. I sat down, looked up at her, and said "You better get your ass dressed and go off to where ever it is you procur my Stinky Goodness, and you better be back within 20 minutes or I'm hocking the World's Biggest Hairball onto your pillow."

Lucky for her, she was back within 20 minutes...and she tried to smooth it over by telling me she found a new flavor for me.

Oh yeah, like you ran out of Stinky Goodness on purpose, just so you could get me something new.

Tuna and Mackerel is quite tasty, I must say. But we could have managed this tasty find by getting it before running out of my food!

This is what I get for letting her sleep in. It really is true, no good deed goes unpunished.

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