How's this for freaking fair--the Younger Human gave me some fresh kitty crack today, some really good stuff that had me practically flying. I tore around the house for a little bit, wound up in the Man's computer room, and while I was going fairly apeshit in there, I spotted it.

It was like God opened up the heavens and shined this beam of light on it.

A bag of crunchy kitty treats. Right there on a tray by the man's desk. A beautiful bag almost full of kitty treats. I stopped running around and stood very carefully on my back legs and reached up to get them...and I did! I got the bag off the tray without making any noise and without knocking anything else off the tray. It was sealed shut, but I figured, hey, I have teeth! I'll get it open one way or the other.

So I started gnawing on it. Biting and pulling and tearing with my teeth. And just when I had a hole big enough to tease a treat or two out, the Younger Human walked in and he took the bag away!!!

All that work, and he took it away.

He got me all hopped up, and he took t away.

Ok, he did give me a couple of treats just for being clever, but I could have had the whole freaking bag!

I think I earned that bag.
I earned all those treats.
And here I thought he really liked me. I had the bag, it was mine!

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