The girl kitty was back today, sitting outside by my window, and she was howling for me. She even went to the front door and howled there, trying to get the People to let her in. She yowled and hollered and begged, but nope...they didn't let her in.

I suppose it's a good thing they didn't because she would have been seriously disappointed...dangit, why do People think they have a right to do THAT to a kitty? Could they not foresee I might actually need those things in the future???

I was so upset I almost took back the birthday present I got the man (he turned, like, old today) but I didn't. *I* was nice.

Never ever trust people when they're saying "Let's go for a car ride." 'Cause you either move, or they cut things off.

And dammit, that is one sweet looking girl kitty, too.

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