April 06, 2005

Today I got email from a Sticky Little Person who said she was saving her money to buy my book.

Peoples...I think it's only fair that I should tell you my book is not for young eyes. It is true that I have a potty mouth and I use words only grown ups should hear, and words I should probably never say anyway (I'm working on it... but the Woman wakes up every morning saying them to me when I step on her nipples, so they kind of stick in my head.)

The Woman says that after she's done getting someone else's book to print, and gets her new computer (does that make this one mine, all mine??!!??) that she'll help me create a more kid-friendly version of my book. With bigger letters to read easier.


While I would love to have ALL your money so I can buy LOTS of kitty crack...I don't want to sell to kids. So if they ask you to use your credit card to order it, please say no, not until the kid friendly version is out.

I mean, it's not kitty porn or anything, I just use some bad words.

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