The Man brought home a really big box for me last night. It's a lot bigger than I am tall, so it takes some effort to get into, and a lot more to get out of. I was feeling a little bit lazy last night, so when I wanted out I started howling, which always brings the Woman running to find out what's wrong. She laughed at me, but she lifted me out of the box, which was my whole goal anyway.

There's also a small box on the sofa that the Younger Human left for me to play in. That box is tons of fun, except when it tumbles off the sofa with me in it. There's got to be a way to run around inside the box without it falling off the sofa...and you'd think that after watching me go =splat= on the floor once they'd take it off the sofa, but nooooooo...they just laughed and stuck it right back up there. They laughed even more when I got back into it, but they just don't understand. It's a box. I have to play in it.

But all the box playing made me wonder--whatever happened to my see-through box? That was the Best box Ever!

They better not have thrown it out. Because if they did, I'm going to have to poop on someone's pillow. Or worse.

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